Update the HP documents for Grizzly and Havana


Make sure that any user is able to bootstrap easily by following the online instructions in http://www.cloudifysource.org/guide/2.7/setup/configuring_hp.

Things to document :
1. What does the cloud admin/account manager need to do in advance, so that users will be able to use the account ? - examples :
1a) Which HP users groups (not security groups)
should be created by the admin ?

  • maybe the default (user/admins) is enough.
    1b) To which groups should a user be added by the HP admin ?
    1c) Which networks need to be created by the admin ?
    1d) Which routers should be created ?

2. What does a regular(non-admin) user need to do in order to invoke bootstrap-cloud hp-grizzly/havana ?

3. In the cloudNetwork (in the cloud driver), there are several networks and subnets :
e.g. : Cloudify-Management-Network, Cloudify-Management-Subnet, Cloudify-Application-Network and Cloudify-Application-Subnet :
I assume they're created by default.
Is there anything that needs to be in order for this be enabled ?
Is there anything that needs to be in order for this be enabled, if the user wants other networks names and/or other IP addresses?
If possible, please externalize these attributes/keys to the hp-*-cloud.properties file.

4. There are several attributes/keys in the options section(array) that need to be externalized (hp-*-cloud.properties) :
externalRouterName , externalNetworkName ,securityGroups etc.
If you think that not all of them, should be externalized, then please externalize the above and also add info about the actions that the admin/user need to do prior to using them.

Relevant GitHub docs pages are :



Any additional info will help.


Noa Kuperberg


Tamir Korem